Your website should be your best employee.

If it’s not, you’re wasting time & leaving money on the table. 

A website should be more than just your pretty face (although that’s important); it should be an easy way for readers & potential clients to get to know you & understand how you’re different. And when you set it up right it should help you make sales & work less.

When you work with me, you’ll experience my unique approach to results-driven web design.
Many designers focus only on how the site looks, not on how it improves your business.

I think strategically about your business goals and look closely how your current website is performing.
Then together, we set attainable, trackable goals, then design your site, then review your progress regularly to adjust as needed.

Here are some ways we can work together:

Hiring Meg is one of the best business decisions I’ve made! I’ve worked with designers before, but it never seemed cost effective to hire someone for things I “should” be able to do. Meg makes it so easy, it’s an absolute no brainer.

I love having a designer on my team who knows my brand and can help out with a wide variety of projects. As a professional ghostblogger, I understand exactly how FREEING it can be to outsource those tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius. Meg frees me up to spend more time doing what I love.

Lacy Boggs

Director, The Content Direction Agency