About Meg

Get to know that Casebolt who's so Creative


I’m Meg. I spent a decade working in the communications departments of non-profits and small businesses before I realized that I don’t want to work in an office doing the same thing every day.
I want to work with YOU, helping you grow your business.
I love the fiery energy of entrepreneurs–you have something incredible to share, and I want to help you scream it from the rooftop inbox!

I help entrepreneurs create designs that they can show off with pride.
I collaborate with you to build marketing materials that make your life easier while building your business.


  • You’re a passionate entrepreneur in the “start-up” phase of your business (or maybe you just started your business and want help getting it off the ground).
  • You’ve been doing it all yourself (or working with a Virtual Assistant) forever, but you’re starting to feel stretched too thin.
  • You want to focus on providing your amazing products & services to your tribe, but instead you’re spending your time tweaking your website, designing blog images, & laying out newsletters.
  • The following phrases–“Sales funnel,” “content marketing strategy,” “branding consistency”–either sound like Greek or make you break into a sweat.
  • You wish you had a dedicated designer/marketing person, but you just don’t have the budget or need to bring someone on full-time.


If we’re on a Skype call and you hear a low growling, it’s probably not my stomach. It’s my dog & the company’s Chief Tailwagger, Tobias Casebolt Tobias Funke-Ziegler Casebolt (named after characters from both Arrested Development and The West Wing, of course), or “Toby” for short.

While I’m working, he lays on my feet to keep them toasty, and when I hit a creative block, he reminds me that the best cure for anything is fresh air. He is the world’s best canine co-worker.

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